Forex VPS Plans

Never worry about unstable internet connections or computer malfunctions. Let our VPS handle the technical logistics so that you can focus purely on trading. Our virtual private server acts as a standalone computer system, allowing you to safely access and run your automated trading platform even if you are physically located very far away from the live trading server.

Eliminate concerns about unintentional interruptions and limited accessibility. With our VPS servers co-located next to our top-tier liquidity providers, experience incredibly low latency of less than 2 m/s.

Choose between two VPS plans and start trading.

VPS Features


VPS Pro +

Server Location London London
Latency Less than 2m/s Less than 2m/s
RAM 1.3GB 2.7GB
CPU 1 2
Storage 25GB 50GB
Bandwidth 100GB 100GB
Operating System Windows 2012 / 2008, Linux Servers Windows 2012 / 2008, Linux Servers
Monthly Savings £25 Per Month* £45 Per Month*
MetaTrader 4
One Click+
Auto Start
Minimum Funding
2000 units* 5000 units*
Monthly trading
10 lots
per month
20 lots
per month
Monthly bill 25 GBP 45 GBP
Learn more Learn more Learn more
Open live account Open live account Open live account

* Units are in account currency excluding JPY

Terms and conditions apply. Please review the Terms of Service for complete details.

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